Buesching-Tucker Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2012, this scholarship honors Nancy Buesching Tucker and Robert Lewis Tucker. The scholarship goes to any Whitley County resident or any resident that graduated from a Whitley County high school that has aspirations of obtaining a degree in nursing or music. Applicants may be current students, non-traditional students, home-school students, or traditional graduating high school seniors. 

Application Deadline:

Application Due April 15




In loving memory of our amazing mother, sister, aunt, and “Gummi”, and our dear father, uncle,
brother, and "Baba" we establish this scholarship to honor Nancy Buesching Tucker and Robert
Lewis Tucker residents of rural Churubusco. Our family invites you to apply hoping that in some
small way we can aid you in becoming as gifted a nurse as Nancy was or as entertaining a
musician as Bob was.

This Scholarship is available to any Whitley County resident. Applicants may be current
students, non-traditional students, home-school students, and traditional graduating high
school seniors with aspirations for a nursing career or obtaining a degree in music.

*Applicants who are non Whitley County residents but attend a Whitley County School are
eligible to apply*



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For Nancy, growing up on the family farm south of ‘Busco with beloved siblings and “outlaws”
Ken and Janne Buesching, Bonnie and Al Gore, Marlene Augenstein, and Don and Colleen
Buesching, was where a passion for gardening emerged with the only lingering question being
which sibling threw her precious bride doll to the pigs.

For young Bob, growing up in the blue ridge mountains was where he enjoyed fishing for
rainbow trout, picking up arrowheads behind Harvey's plow, singing in the church choir,
playing the trombone, battling the occasional rattler, and filling his lunch box with rocks to save himself from the school bully.

Later in life they traveled extensively to places such as Hawaii, Venezuela, St. Kitts, Egypt, Nova Scotia, Greece, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ontario, St. Lucia, Honduras, Turkey, Costa Rica, and Malta. Additionally, she loved to read, play cards, garden, bird-watch and antique; while he loved to sing and play trombone, bongos, acoustic & electric guitar, ukulele, dulcimer and the autoharp. Bob also was a long-standing member of the Rotary club.

Much to the chagrin of Nancy’s parents Fred & Olga Buesching, Nancy was spirited from the farm by Rich Patch, Virginia hillbilly and Elvis lookalike complete with guitar, Robert Tucker. They enjoyed nearly 50 years together with minimal bouts of flying Spam.

They were amazing heroes to daughters, Rene' (Tucker) Leitheim and Rhonda (Tucker) Jones. Nancy saved many lives in her years as an ER nurse while Bob was known to perform other kinds of heroic deeds. He once burst through a screened door to save a shrieking damsel in distress who was being held on the ground and tortured by a deviant (who later turned out to be her tickling husband). He battled 3 sharks, a chainsaw, a barracuda, and a vicious mule. He also rescued his daughters from a bear attack (which later turned out to be a squirrel).

After years of parenting girls, favorite status quickly transferred to son-in-laws, Todd Jones who received a herd of turtles as a dowry and Joseph Leitheim who received a honeymoon trip to Mexico for the "whole" family.

Perhaps their greatest joy was being with their grandchildren, Zachary, Cassie, and Emily Jones and Cherrish and Nathaniel Leitheim. They delighted in their escapades from stashing unwanted Thanksgiving turkey in their pants, blowing up toilets, cheering on the Lady Wildcats, displays of intense stubbornness like their mothers, the artistry of their eldest to the sweet melodies of their little movie star.

With parents, Paul and Helen Tucker and brother, Wayne (Charlotte, NC), the family moved around to follow his father's job. He attended 10 Elementary Schools, 6 Junior Highs, and 4 high schools; graduating from Lockport High School (Lockport, IL). Bob continued hitchhiking through life with his giant sideburns and guitar; putting himself through various Midwestern colleges (graduating from the University of Evansville). He met the love of his life, Nancy Buesching, in Ft Wayne, IN and married in December, 1962.

Nancy attended Concordia High School and received her nursing degree from Lutheran School of Nursing. Complete with "flying nun hat", she trained at Lutheran Hospital and helped
establish the first kidney dialysis unit in Fort Wayne. While she worked in many departments, she fell in love with Emergency Medicine. Her career spanned over 40 years with the majority spent at Riverview Hospital ER (Noblesville, IN).





“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” Arthur Ashe

“If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.” Will Rogers